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BUFF consists of 5 subjects, 3 male and 2 female wearing 2 clothing styles: a) t-shirt and long pants and b) a soccer outfit.
They perform 3 different motions i) hips ii) tilt_twist_left iii) shoulders_mill.

Disclaimer: In the original paper, 6 subjects were used. However, a subject withdraw the permission to share its data.

The data is structured in the following convention:

Clothed Subjects:
  • sid = subject id
  • cloth = clothing style
  • seq = sequence
  • ###### = frame number
  • buf_dataset/sid/cloth_seq/cloth_seq.######.ply

Warning: Frame numbers might inlcude missing frames (dropped frames)

Ground Truth Shapes:
  • buf_datset/gt_shapes/sid_minimal_all_frames.ply